Write Yourself Happy


I find it hard to write when I feel down and low. I lack the energy and the motivation to try and string together a coherent sentence. I feel like it is one sentence forward then two deleted.

I am my own worst critic when I feel unhappy. It becomes an exhausting process trying to write and silence my doubts at the same time. But not writing makes me feel worse, as though my life is at a standstill.

So I have decided to try and write however I feel inside. I’ve started writing things down with pen on paper so the words can be tucked away, without any judgement. With each scribble it has become easier to start writing again.

I feel like I have reclaimed a part of myself that is lost when I’m feeling low.

4 thoughts on “Write Yourself Happy

  1. Sounds like you do more or less exactly the same thing I do. Though I tend to write poems rather than notes when my mood is really overwhelming.

    I also tried something once…I wrote down everything worrying me or that had bothered me on a piece of paper and then ripped it up. Was surprisingly liberating!

  2. You are right, writing everything down is a really good way to get perspective on everything that’s worrying you! It makes you feel like you are being proactive, plus it’s a good way to carry on writing through the low moods!

  3. Writing anything is progress . Even on the bad days- we can learn something and writing is a process I feel is a positive way to deal with things- Journaling was the first way I did this the blog thing is still sort of new to me- good luck to us both!- Di

  4. I know what you mean Di, writing anything is better than writing nothing! Good luck with your blog, it’s a great way of connecting with other writers for encouragement and advice!

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