Watching THE SWITCHING HOUR Being Printed!

It has been a few weeks since I had the wonderful experience of seeing my book being printed, so I thought I’d share it on here (now that I’ve calmed down and can collect some of my thoughts into a post!)

I had been looking forward to the day for MONTHS. It felt like such a privilege to be able to see the printing process and I’m incredibly grateful to my editor and agent for organising it.

The day finally arrived and it was a perfect, sunny day. After catching the 6am coach into London, I met my editor and agent and we set off for the printers together. I didn’t really know what to expect and I was a bundle of nerves and excitement, just like going to Disney Land when I was a child!

We were welcomed into the factory by our guide for the day, who was kind enough to show us how the books were made. He was lovely and friendly and it was easy to see that he loved his job and was happy to show a clueless soon-to-be author how it all worked. I couldn’t believe how efficient and automated the whole process was (the printers are running 24 hours a day, 6 days a week!) That’s a whole lot of books 📚

Here’s the printing press in action!

After the grand tour (where I saw lots of top secret books, yet to be released 😲) I was told that THE SWITCHING HOUR was about to start printing! After a long day and a frenzy of information, it was all starting to feel very surreal.

In complete awe, I watched as they started up the printers that were going to make my real-life book.

And here it is! THE SWITCHING HOUR was born.

It’s hard to express how strange it felt, seeing my IMG_20190621_144022_01-02story getting turned into a book. It was such a mixture of joy and also loss, as I watched the books being packed up and ready to be shipped off to bookstores across the country. In a way, I was saying goodbye to Amaya, Kaleb, and Tau, who had occupied my every waking thoughts for so long.

But there was also so much happiness in that final goodbye. I was letting THE SWITCHING HOUR find it’s readers, wherever they might be. It was no longer my story, but theirs too.

Thank you to CPI Printers, my editor at Scholastic and my agent for making my dream of seeing my book being made real come true ❤️

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I’m So Excited To Share My News!


The Switching Hour_Final Cover

I’m so excited to share the news that my first  book will be published by Scholastic this year, with a second book in 2020! You can find out more here!  


Never stay out after the Switching Hour… never let the outside in….

Amaya lives with her grandmother, her small brother Kaleb and her pet goat Tau in a land suffering a terrible drought.  Every night, the doors must be locked at twilight, the Switching Hour, because the drought has awoken Badoko, a creature that snatches children away to eat their dreams.  

Three days later, the memory that they existed is gone from those that knew them, and those that are left are afflicted with The Sorrow Sickness – a grief which consumes a person without them knowing why.   When Kaleb is taken by Badoko, Amaya must journey into the terrifying forest to find her brother before she forgets him.


Writing stories has always been my escape and my first love and although I dreamed of being a published author I secretly couldn’t imagine it would actually happen! Over the years I continued to write stories whenever I could and I soaked up all the wisdom and knowledge from the authors and wonderful tutors on my MA course. Slowly, my writing improved and I gained confidence in my ability to tell those stories. Finally, I was ready to send my manuscript out into the world and I was so lucky to find the right agent for me (you can read more about that here!).

It has been overwhelming at times, with the dreaded Imposter Syndrome striking HARD, especially when I first found out I was going to be published. Finding a community of writers and authors on social media and in real life has been such a wonderful experience, helping me through the times of doubt and panic. I’m now excited for the future and hope that my little story finds it’s readers who will love my characters and world as much as I do.

‘The Switching Hour’ is out 1st August 2019 (with gorgeous cover artwork by the wonderfully talented illustrator Kelsey Buzzell!) and my second book is being published in spring 2020!

If you fancy pre-ordering, you can do so here! X