The Eye of the Storm

There are so many reasons why people write. To communicate or for work, for pleasure or to express themselves. I find that I write for fun and to be creative, but I also write to make myself feel better and to bring structure to my day. Sometimes the chaos of life can become difficult toContinue reading “The Eye of the Storm”

The Natural Sleep Remedy

  I have recently started reading before bed, instead of watching TV or scrolling through the internet on my tablet. I started the New Year with a string of disrupted night’s sleep with fleeting nightmares that woke me up every few hours. I knew that this was triggered by watching too many late night filmsContinue reading “The Natural Sleep Remedy”

Writing and Reading Resolutions

  I only have one New Year’s resolution this year – to make sure I write and read every day. It doesn’t have to be much, just something. Even if it is just writing a sentence and reading a page! After the time off over Christmas and New Year I feel rusty when it comesContinue reading “Writing and Reading Resolutions”

Write Yourself Happy

I find it hard to write when I feel down and low. I lack the energy and the motivation to try and string together a coherent sentence. I feel like it is one sentence forward then two deleted. I am my own worst critic when I feel unhappy. It becomes an exhausting process trying to writeContinue reading “Write Yourself Happy”

The undercover Writer

I sometimes feel like I have a secret identity. ‘The undercover writer’ During work hours I sit in the office and dutiful work for my paycheck. But in the quiet moments, maybe during a rainy lunch break or while on an extended tea break, I write. While I type, the grey walls disappear and theContinue reading “The undercover Writer”

The Urge to Write

Sometimes the urge to write is so strong I feel distracted and unfocused until I write something down… It doesn’t have to be profound, or even any good, but I always feel calmer once I have written down any tangled thoughts. Worries or anxieties that are pacing around in my head seem much more harmlessContinue reading “The Urge to Write”