The undercover Writer

I sometimes feel like I have a secret identity. ‘The undercover writer’ During work hours I sit in the office and dutiful work for my paycheck. But in the quiet moments, maybe during a rainy lunch break or while on an extended tea break, I write. While I type, the grey walls disappear and theContinue reading “The undercover Writer”

The Urge to Write

Sometimes the urge to write is so strong I feel distracted and unfocused until I write something down… It doesn’t have to be profound, or even any good, but I always feel calmer once I have written down any tangled thoughts. Worries or anxieties that are pacing around in my head seem much more harmlessContinue reading “The Urge to Write”

Sense of Community

I have always thought writing to be a lonely career. I envisioned great writers to be social pariahs, shunning social events for their craft.  I imagined them scribbling away all hours of the day and night at desks in dusty rooms filled with books. But while this may be the case for some, many famousContinue reading “Sense of Community”

Reworking The Classics “The Austen Project pairs six bestselling contemporary authors with Jane Austen’s six complete works: Sense & Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion and Mansfield Park. Taking these well-loved stories as their base, each author will write their own unique take on Jane Austen’s novels.” When I found out about the project IContinue reading “Reworking The Classics”

Turn the Page

What makes the reader keep reading after the first page? The first Chapter? What keeps the reader reading when they should go to bed or  when their favourite program comes on TV? I throw my poor characters into the middle of a crisis from page one. I hope the reader will stay long enough to find outContinue reading “Turn the Page”